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Greg Richardson, one of the partners of P1 Racing Ventures LLC, sent us these fantastic pictures of the garage where they prepare their racing cars. The garage is located in Cary, North Carolina, where P1 Racing Ventures LLC has installed an amazing mezzanine T30 Tecrostar in black colour.

P1 Racing Venture is running in the Series Nationswide Nascar, with his car Chevrole 2006 Impala. Until the end of this year, Tecrostar has a sponsorship agreement with Greg Richardson and his team, who will advertise Tecrostar in his Chevrole Impala, exposing and promoting our products in the E.E.U.U. market.

Greg has also sent us pictures of their car running on the road course at the Virginia International Raceway.

Tecrostar wishes Greg and his team the best in their races!

Good luck!

nascar y tecrostar