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Where can I put the stairs?

The stairs can be placed in different positions, increasing the possible configurations

Case 1: Exterior stairs, perpendicular to the mezzanine.

Case 2: Interior stairs. You will need a beam for interior stairs.

Case 3: Exterior stairs, parallel to the mezzanine. You will need a stair landing.

Case 4: A different placement to our mezzanines.

Can the stairs be placed outdoors?

Yes, our products can be installed outdoors, although you should bear in mind a series of special considerations and carry out maintenance of the material to guarantee that they are in good condition. See this section for more details

Can the stairs be anchored to a mezzanine or construction wall?

Yes. They can be installed on a surface that is not a Tecrostar surface. The customer must bear in mind that they are responsible for the strength of the joint and structure to which they are anchored.

How are the stairs anchored to the top?

If you need to anchor the stairs to a structure that is not a Tecrostar structure, see the following details about the anchors:

Anchor A

References that have this anchor: 30501, 30401, 31003, 31301, 31102



Anclaje B:

Referencias que llevan este anclaje: 30303-0


Anchor C:

References that have this anchor: 30601, 30801

Do they meet the building regulation and can they be used inside a house to access the 2 nd floor?

It depends on the use. The regulation is for stairs for common use and our stairs are for private use. Our stairs that comply are the 42nd: Long Stair M  and  L Stair

Can the angle of inclination be changed?

Each model of stairs has an inclination and it cannot be changed unless otherwise stated. You must choose the stairs that best suit your needs.

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