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Full Kits XL 

  • 20 655,00 €

    This set formed by the mezzanine and extensions TXL 32, allows to increase the surface increasing the total length as well, in the direction of both the primary beams and the secondary ones. The surface of the mezzanine reaches up to 128 m². The Mezzanine 120 m² set consists of, 1 x Mezzanine TXL32 1 x “A” Extension TXL32 2 x “B” Extension TXL32 The...

    20 655,00 €
  • 7 502,00 €


    This pack is the easiest and fastest way to set a mezzanine with all its basic elements and save costs. This pack includes, Mezzanine TXL 32 Railing L Long Straight Stairs XL You can add extensions and Tecrostar accessories as well. The columns of the XL mezzanines are square shaped and are made of structural-quality materials. Consequently, they have a...

    7 502,00 €
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