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Mezzanines XL 

  • 5 831,00 €

    The industrial Mezzanine TXL32 Kit is acquired immediately; there is no need to wait for any quotation, measurement, technical drawing or manufacture. It adapts to almost every space thanks to the telescopic system of its beams and columns. It has a great resistance and load capacity, which allows to turn an industrial surface into an elegant and...

    5 831,00 €
  • 1 120,00 €

    The S Primary Beam consists of an interior beam and an exterior one. It features every needed screw. Minimum length: 155cm, maximun length: 275cm Beam height: 10cm

    1 120,00 €
  • 615,00 €

    The double column XL is the same kind as featured in XL mezzanine but it has two supporting heads for two XL beams. It contains 2 telescopic pieces that compound the column, and the needed screws and anchorages. 

    615,00 €
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