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Railings XL 

  • 1 583,00 €

    The Pivot Safety Gate, also known as Anti-fall tilting barrier, is a collective security and protection element. Its use is mandatory according to the labour risk prevention regulations. It avoids the people falling while lifting loads to a mezzanine or to any other level. It works as a rocker: the merchandise is deposited in a position using a forklift...

    1 583,00 €
  • 289,00 €

    The public use railing is a security element suitable to be installed in any Tecrostar mezzanine belonging to the M and L ranges. It is made of steel and the aluminium handrail tubes can have different finishes. This railing tops the mezzanine to reduce the height risk. Although its maximum length is 2 meters, it can be adapted to the different features...

    289,00 €
  • 245,00 €

    The public use railing can be extended using new units to cover several sides of the mezzanine protecting a bigger surface of it. With these new posts, the railing extends along the mezzanine surface improving the height security. its assembly is easy and there is no need of special works. The public use railing extension strengths a great resistant...

    245,00 €
  • 231,00 €

    The Railing XL is a modular railing, 110cm high and up to two meters long, which can be installed on any Tecrostar mezzanine belonging to L or M ranges. Easy to install and safe. The Railing XL kit includes steel posts, handrail, intermediary aluminium bar and safety skirting board 15cm high, tube stoppers and screws. Features: - Total length: 2m (Each...

    231,00 €
  • 184,00 €

    The extension is added to the initial L railing flank to get 2 extra meters length. You can keep on adding as many extensions as needed to cover the desired length. You can include the corner elbows of handrail to join 2 different sides of the mezzanine. Its features are the exact same as the Railing L. It can be installed in any Tecrostar structure...

    184,00 €
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