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Stairs XL 

  • 1 957,00 €

    The Long Straight Stairs XL is adjustable in height. Thanks to its versatile upper connector, the stairs can be placed in different locations. These stairs can be installed inside the Mezzanine XL 32 to avoid the stairs projecting the top view. It can also be located in any of the lateral sides, perpendicular or parallel to the mezzanine using a Stair...

    1 957,00 €
  • 1 176,00 €

    The Long straight stairs L are height-adjustable stairs suitable for access to the frame structure. They can also be used in other places, thanks to the very versatile achorage system. If the stairs are set up on the inside of the mezzanine structure they will not extend laterally beyond the structure's frame. They can also be installed on any of the four...

    1 176,00 €
  • 699,00 €

    The Stair Landing XL is an extra space attached to the Mezzanine TXL32 after the last step of the stairs. It allows a more comfortable and secure landing when the stairs are installed outside the mezzanine parallel to any of its sides. This landing consists of a special column with a support for the primary beam, that is joint to the mezzanine through two...

    699,00 €
  • 392,00 €

    The Stair Landing Extension XL allows to increase the surface in the direction of the primary beam, thus extending the length from 105 cm to 165 cm. The width is still the same as the size range of the Stair Landing XL. The columns of the XL stair landing extensions are square shaped and are made of structural-quality materials. Consequently, they have a...

    392,00 €
  • 138,00 €

    Beams to install the stairs inside the mezzanines S. It consists of 2 small telescopic secondary beams and 4 connectors that allow to adjust the space depending on the stairs model you want to place. The kit includes all the screws required.

    138,00 €
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