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Mezzanines M 

  • 3 453,00 €


    Full modular metallic mezzanine. Easy installation without construction works in all types of surfaces. It splits heights up to 15 m² and is fully extensible in surface and width. The most versatile mezzanine both for home and offices or industrial units. The TM 15 kit includes a complete mezzanine that extends to 15m², a complete modular stairs with...

    3 453,00 €
  • 2 531,00 €

    Flexible, adjustable and adaptable to all surfaces and needs. TM 15 metallic mezzanine with wooden floor is a complete tailored mezzanine for spaces from 5m² to 15m², with a high load bearing capacity. Easy to install, without construction work, in both the home and in businesses and professional environments.

    2 531,00 €
    • 2 351,00 €

      'B' Extension TM 15 allows you to enlarge the mezzanine on the same direction as secondary beams; indeed, you needn’t dismantle the whole mezzanine. You can get up to 30m² of mezzanine. Features This kit constains 2 double height-adjustable columns, a lightweight frame with adjustable length and width. (extensible to 15m²) with the same characteristicas...

      2 351,00 €
      • 2 292,00 €

        Versatile, adjustable and adaptable to any surface and need. The metal mezzanine TM 10 is a complete tailored mezzanine suitable for surfaces from 5.5 m² to 10 m². It is longer and narrower than the TM 15 and it resists large weights. Easy assembly with no need of works both for home and business, as well as for professional environments.

        2 292,00 €
      • 1 563,00 €

        Metal mezzanine with wooden floor, easy to assemble without works. The Mezzanine TM7 is small, robust and versatile, ideal to double  the usable space in rooms with reduced dimensions. Unlike other Tecrostar products, this mezzanine is not as long as the TM10 and not as narrow as the Mezzanine TS5. It supports 1.400 kg and can be combined with the...

        1 563,00 €
      • 456,00 €

        The Stair Landing M for the upper landing of the stairs is useful when you want to place the stairs parallel to one side of the mezzanine and outside it, as shown in the picture below. Features: This kit consists of a special pillar with a support for the primary beam. On the other side, the stair landing is attached to the existing mezzanine by 2 small...

        456,00 €
        • 85,00 €

          The Stability Bar M is needed when the mezzanine cannot be fixed to 2 or more walls. The placement of the stability bars and the mezzanine fixations depends on its configuration and on the place the structure is installed. It is necessary to stabilize the mezzanine, as shown in the section below. Features: The kit consists of 1 bar and 1 clamp to join the...

          85,00 €
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