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Mezzanine Floors Kits Singapore

Which is my Mezzanine?

How to design a tailored mezzanine?

In Tecrostar you will find prefabricated mezzanines made of metal, with several kind of stairs or ladders, railings and accesories.

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  • 9 670,00 € 10 234,00 €


    This pack is the easiest and fastest way to set a mezzanine with all its basic elements and save costs. This pack includes,Mezzanine TXL 32 XL Railing with safety skirting board Long Straight Stairs XLYou can add extensions and Tecrostar accessories as well.

    9 670,00 € 10 234,00 €
  • 1 433,00 €

    It has been designed to optimize reduced spaces and to take advantage of the available surface. The industrial Alternating Tread Stairs help to create an open-plan space in an efficient and safe manner. Based on the American model, Lapeyre, it prioritises the verticality using shallow treads and eases going up and downstairs with packages.These stairs...

    1 433,00 €
  • 2 423,00 € 2 549,00 €


    The perfect combination of the modern mezzanine and the loft bed. A big double bunk bed with free space underneath it. It converts small rooms into comfortable and functional duplexes with two areas, without works or walls. To install the mezzanine without works no additional accessories are required, as the kit comes with everything you need.Mezzanine...

    2 423,00 € 2 549,00 €
  • 3 759,00 € 3 961,00 €


    Full modular metallic mezzanine. Easy installation without construction works in all types of surfaces. It splits heights up to 15 m² and is fully extensible in surface and width. The most versatile mezzanine both for home and offices or industrial units. The TM 15 kit includes a complete mezzanine that extends to 15m², a complete modular stairs with...

    3 759,00 € 3 961,00 €
  • 1 974,00 € 2 071,00 €


    Full metallic mezzanine and wooden floor kit, with no need of works. With its easy and safe assembly, it is ideal to be installed in small spaces dividing any room into two: bedrooms, offices, storage, etc. The kit includes everything you need to assemble your own tailored metal mezzanine without any work:Mezzanine TS 8 Ladder S, loft bed style Railing...

    1 974,00 € 2 071,00 €
  • 3 539,00 €

    The Long L-shaped Adjustable Stairs is formed by two straight telescopic flights that are connected by a central landing with a 90 degrees bend. You can adjust both the run and the height to access Tecrostar structures of the L range, thanks to their versatile upper anchoring system and to the possibility of extending their first and second flights. They...

    3 539,00 €

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First class product.

Very easy to erect, The amount of adjustment available on the system is superb. All very well finished and very well packed.