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Mezzanine Floors Singapore

Which is my Mezzanine?

How to design a tailored mezzanine?

In Tecrostar you will find prefabricated mezzanines made of metal, with several kind of stairs or ladders, railings and accesories.

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  • 1 535,00 €

    A small and flexible metal mezzanine that adapts to any small surface from 1.73 metres high. Available in combination with all of Tecrostar’s accessories, railings and stairs to personalise any space with maximum optimisation of the space.

    1 535,00 €
  • 2 034,00 € 2 103,00 €

    The modern mezzanine merged with the loft bed. A large double loft bed with free space in the inside area. Convert small rooms into a comfortable and functional duplex with two areas, without construction work or walls. Includes loft bed railing and stairs with landing. To install the mezzanine without construction work no additional accessories are...

    2 034,00 € 2 103,00 €
    Reduced price!
  • 495,00 €

    You will be able to lift your stairs in complete safety and hide it at the height of the mezzanine. Thus, the useful area below the mezzanine will increase in a quick, comfortable and classy way.  It is operated by a remote control which allows lift, lower and stop the stairs at any time. The system stops automatically when the rise and descent is...

    495,00 €
  • 383,00 €

    In Stock

    These height-adjustable stairs are suitable for access to the T8 mezzanine. They can also be used in other placesm¡, thanks to the very versatile anchorage system.   These stairs can be placed on either side of the mezzanine,  either parallel or perpendicular  to the structure (facing the beams).  They can also be installed inside the mezzanine as long as...

    383,00 €
  • 1 131,00 €

    Metal mezzanine that is easy to install, with no construction work. The T4 mezzanine is small and flexible, designed for small spaces in both the home and businesses. It maximises small spaces with total resistance and safety. Load bearing capacity of up to 700 kg/m² and it can be combined with any Tecrostar stairs or accessories.

    1 131,00 €
  • 3 047,00 € 3 158,00 €

    Complete metal mezzanine kit. Easy installation without construction work in all types of surfaces. It splits heights up to 15 m² and is fully extendible in surface and width. The most flexible mezzanine for the home, offices and industrial units. The mezzanine kit includes a complete mezzanine kit that extends to 15m², complete modular stairs with...

    3 047,00 € 3 158,00 €
    Reduced price!
  • 1 822,00 € 1 875,00 €

    Complete metal mezzanine, no construction work required. Easy, safe assembly in small spaces: split any room into two: bedrooms, offices, storage organisation, etc. The mezzanine kit includes the full mezzanine that extends up to 8m², ladder with modular handrail and railing. The T8 Mezzanine consists of an adjustable metal mezzanine for any size,...

    1 822,00 € 1 875,00 €
    Reduced price!
  • 2 385,00 €

    Flexible, adjustable and adaptable to all surfaces and needs. The T15 metal mezzanine is a complete tailored mezzanine for spaces from 5m² to 15m², with a high load bearing capacity. Easy to install, without construction work, in both the home and in businesses and professional environments.

    2 385,00 €